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Get Smart Blinds in Albertson, NY

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Do you wish your home was better decorated but don’t have the time to do it because family is always first? Homestead Window Treatments can help! Our diverse selection of smart blinds with PowerView® Motorization will make managing your windows effortless and give them a chic look from the moment we install them – so that way, you’ll get all the quality time with your loved ones without sacrificing style.

Benefits of Choosing Our Work


Since 2011, our family-run business has been unlocking the true potential of dozens of happy customers’ homes with power motorization. Now it’s your turn to experience how this innovative product can benefit you; let us explain!

A Whole New App

Forget about manually adjusting your blinds! The PowerView app provides an effortless way to control and customize window treatments, so you can easily choose when to allow in light or shut it out. With these smart blinds, you’ll be able to enjoy a new level of home comfort.

Take Advantage of the Pebble Control

Easily control up to six groups of window treatments with a single press of the sleek PowerView® Pebble Remote Control. Its practicality is only matched by its stylish design, allowing you to effortlessly manage your shades while also adding aesthetic appeal to any room.
This sleek controller is available in ten stylish colors, so you can find the perfect one for your home’s décor!


Your Schedule, Your Decisions

With PowerView® Motorization installed, you can control your shades wirelessly and pre-configure “Scenes” with distinct settings. And that’s not all – these Scenes work on their own regardless of if you’re at home or out of town! So, get ready to start appreciating your new window treatments right away.


Enjoy a Sleek Hub

The Hub is the ideal upgrade for any home looking to uplevel its day-to-day comfort and convenience. By connecting wirelessly to your Wi-Fi network, this Hub serves as a centralized control source for all PowerView window treatments, settings and Scenes. Make life easier now with this powerful yet simple addition!

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Unlock Your Window Treatments Potential

To get your own PowerView® Motorization window treatment, follow these three steps:


Complete our quick and easy form!

Get the power motorization you were looking for!

Enjoy your new versatile, intelligent blinds.

Upgrade Your Home with Power Motorization

Don’t let your home’s beauty be compromised – get the window treatments you deserve with Homestead Window Treatments in Albertson, NY! With innovative, automated designs, these smart blinds will give you and your family more time to relax in a convenient environment. Start experiencing this new reality today!

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