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Transform Your Home with Our Woven Wood Shades in Long Island, NY

Have you ever looked at your home and felt something was missing from its windows? Are you feeling frustrated because of this situation? If that is the case, Homestead Window Treatments has the solution you deserve to overcome your struggle: top-quality treatments for them. 

Among these, we’ve featured fantastic woven shades since 2011. They seamlessly blend functionality with beauty, making them the ideal choice to elevate your home’s style. After all, decorating your home shouldn’t be challenging, so we will help you see it like the easy process it truly is. 

Hunter Douglas Wood Blinds in a client's bedroom with pink walls from Homestead Window Treatments on Long Island.
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What is So Great About Woven Wood Shades?


Bring Up a Natural Touch

These window shades are an excellent way to make the most of your natural environment. With their woven design crafted with wood, reeds, grasses and bamboo, you can add a natural touch to your home while keeping the view of the outside world. So, no more dark and gloomy spaces at home. 

Offer Superior Light Control

Whether softly diffusing light for a gentle glow or fully opened to embrace abundant natural light, woven wood shades offer a nuanced approach to illumination. Optional enhancements, such as an independent liner, offer even more light control and improved energy efficiency. 

Enhance the Privacy of Your Spaces

Woven shades also offer various levels of privac The degree of diffused natural light filtering through and illuminating the interior, as well as the level of seclusion, is determined by the tightness or looseness of the chosen fabric weave.  Woven wood shades not only serve as a stylish decor element but also act as a versatile solution for those seeking a balance between privacy and an airy, open feel in their living spaces. 

Will Last for a Long Time

If your main concern is durability, you can rest assured that these window blinds will not disappoint. Made from high-quality materials, they can withstand daily use and exposure to the sun without losing their charm.

Great for Many Spaces

Woven shades are versatile and can be used effectively in different areas of your home. 

  • They create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the living room.
  • Provide a balance between light control and privacy in the bedroom.
  • Complement various decor styles in dining areas.
  • Help create a calm and focused environment in home offices.

Three Easy Steps to a Stylish Home

  1. Request a complimentary shop-at-home consultation.
  2. Choose your favorite products and colors, while we measure and quote.
  3. Our best installers bring you the aesthetic space you’ve always dreamed of. 

Step into a Stylish Future with Homestead Window Treatments

A home without the right window treatments can feel incomplete. But with Homestead Window Treatments in Long Island, NY, you’re set to avoid this problem. Our woven shades and customizable services will give you what you want in your home. 

So, don’t wait any longer; contact us and start transforming your spaces today! 

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